Grund- und Oberschule Maxim Gorki Bad Saarow

The week was the hottest ever and we were lucky to be in Bad Saarow! Not far from the wonderful lake, the Grund- und Oberschule Maxim Gorki offered us the most perfect structure we ever had. We have been warmly welcomed by the director (Hr. Andres) as well as by the two teachers (Fr. Schröder and Fr. Jürschick) who were responsible for the classes. A warm thanks to all the people in the school!

During the week, 14 very creative and engaged pupils composed and rehearsed a soundtrack for the films Dwightiana (Marie Menken, USA 1959) and Excursion dans la lune (Segundo de Chomón, F 1908).

On Friday we had the honour to open the Filmfestival Film Without Borders with our show inside the cultural barn Elbenhof, a wonderful place by the Scharmützelsee. The kids did a great job and the audience reacted accordingly!

We want to say big thanks to: Sarah Duve (Vision Kino), Susanne Suermondt and Tanya Berndsen (festival directors), Frank Scheel (festival technician), Wolfgang Musil (project technician), and a very special thanks to the great young people: Ghazal, Tsatsita, Zeyneb, Dennis, Adna, Alyssah, Ahmer, Shadat, Franziska, Neele, Hussam, Justin, Michelle, Ali und Jawad.